Welcome to HCA’s brand new HUB.

As most of you will be aware, there have been lots of changes recently about how we look after your information and these changes, amongst other things, have prompted us improve our system for this.

This site allows you to view/manage the data that we hold about you as a volunteer at our theatre. It will be used to issue your lanyards, store your training information and give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and feedback with us. Whilst this is still a working progress at the moment, our hope is that the HUB will develop overtime and become the place for you to go to for information about our theatre. Whether you are looking for policies, department information, volunteering opportunities or audition notices The HUB will have everything you need to get the most out of volunteering with HCA.

We value you comments and feedback so if you think that there is anything missing from this site please get in touch with us at data.controller@concordiatheatre.co.uk.

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Theatre bookings

After over 20 years of service, Jane Bradley has stood down as Bookings Secretary for the Concordia. The Trustees would like to extend their thanks and gratitude for all the work and dedication that Jane has committed to the role over the years and look forward to catching up once […]

Theatre finances and HBBC grant

Even though the doors are closed, there are still considerable on-going costs in keeping the building running. These range from utility bills, insurance costs, essential maintenance, licences and annual inspections. The Treasurer expects monthly outgoings to still be approx. £4,000 a month, even with the theatre closed. On a positive […]

Theatre Closure update

ce the Concordia had to close its doors on the 18th March, our box office team have been dealing with refunds from cancellations and postponements from the remainder of the season. This process is now complete and Trustees would like to thank John Hill and the small team of volunteers […]

Covid-19 Theatre Closure

It has been over five weeks since the Concordia Theatre had to close its doors to the public and majority of volunteers alike following Government guidelines. Immediately after the closure HCA Trustees, along with information received from Societies decided close for the remainder of the 2019/20 season with the aim […]

Theatre Programme

Bookings Secretary, Emma-Jayne Gladman has also been working hard to collate a 2020/21 programme that will hopefully launch in September. If the Concordia Theatre can re-open at this time, the season will kick off with the two postponed dance school productions from Pat Barker and Wendy Morton dance academies. LEGALLY […]

Notes from the Trustee Meeting

VIRTUALLY… Another Concordia premiere, Trustees met virtually to discuss the on-going situation and how HCA can get back up and running once restrictions are lifted. FINANCES Rob Gladman, Treasurer, stated that whilst there has been a substantial impact on revenue from the curtailment of the season, HCA is financially in […]

Coronavirus Update

Last updated: 21st March at 12:55pm PRESS RELEASE – CONCORDIA AND COVID-19 As Covid-19 has a greater effect on our everyday lives, the Trustees at Hinckley Concordia Theatre wish to update volunteers, patrons and members of the rapidly changing scenario they face. Further to our last statement, it has been […]

Coronavirus COVID-19

In view of the current situation we just wanted to update all of our volunteers. Trustees met yesterday to discuss the current situation and to ensure we are doing everything we can to follow government guidelines. WHAT’S BEEN DONE SO FAR? So far we have increased signage around the building […]

Power outage

Western Power are upgrading the substation that supplies the theatre and surrounding properties. Part of this will include a planned power outage of the theatre as part of the works. HCA are working with Western Power to minimise the disruption that this will incur to facilities within the building. Once […]

Public lift update

Our lift contractors have been back and installed the replacement electronics for the lift. However, it is understood that components previously replaced by the contractor have now failed. This is yet another setback to reinstating the lift for public use and Trustees have asked for a plan of action along […]

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