Another Concordia premiere, Trustees met virtually to discuss the on-going situation and how HCA can get back up and running once restrictions are lifted.

Rob Gladman, Treasurer, stated that whilst there has been a substantial impact on revenue from the curtailment of the season, HCA is financially in a sound place at the moment to weather this situation.
There are on-going costs of running and maintaining the building and annual contract renewals that will significantly impact finances. However, at the moment, HCA can shoulder these costs. There is concern regarding the upcoming membership renewal that is a strong financial income for the theatre. Various avenues have been discussed to promote renewal and retention of our membership base that need to be expanded upon.

At the moment, the Trustees have decided not to send out the regular newsletter. This is based on the number of volunteers who are involved in getting the newsletter to our members.
Trustees are looking at ways of keeping in touch with our members through various medias but are very much aware of trying to keep information flowing.
Further discussions are set to continue on how we can move forward as a charity to retain our membership and keep them fiscally informed.

As always, and more importantly at the moment, Trustees welcome your comments and thoughts via email at Please be assured your emails will be read, responded and put forward.

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